Casasistencia Atizapan, State of Mexico

March 24, 2022

On thursday March 24th 2022, we delivered our third batch of sneakers in Casaasistencia in Atizapan, State of Mexico.
Purchases of all out costumers allowed us to give out 28 pairs of sneakers to the children in this place. We had the opportunity to interact, draw and spend an afternoon together

It is a commitment we have as a brand with the children of Mexico, and nothing will stop us now!

Acknowledgment by Casaasistencia Atizapan, State of Mexico

Future wishes of some of the young girls

"We played with the children and gave out a new pair of sneakers to each one of them. We helped them create drawings about what they wanted to do with their new sneakers. It was exciting watching and listening all their ideas and dreams while spreading all their joy with us."
Gabriela A.
Waipy customer